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The Adelaide tree removal team you can trust

While in this day and age we try to preserve trees as much as possible, there does come a time when tree removal Adelaide is necessary in Adelaide. There are countless reasons why a tree may need to be removed. It could be the tree is posing a risk to the public or a property and must be removed because it’s dangerous. Perhaps the roots of a tree are growing into your home’s foundations or plumbing system and causing great damage. It could be your tree is shooting up into power lines and causing trouble. Maybe the tree is creating mess in your yard and you’re tired of cleaning it.

No matter what the reason is, our tree removal experts can help. At All Out Trees we are renowned for our fast and efficient Adelaide tree removal service. With more than 30 years of experience behind us, you can trust us with your trees.

Make sure you follow the rules when it comes to tree removal in Adelaide

It is important to understand not all trees can simply be removed. For trees deemed regulated or significant, council approval must be gained before removal can go ahead. Determining whether a tree is either regulated or significant is based on the circumference of the trunk. For trees with a circumference measuring two metres or more, they are classed as regulated. If a tree’s circumference measures more than three meters it is considered significant.

Our team of professionals is more than capable of determining if a tree is either regulated or significant. This professional help is extremely important as unapproved removal of a regulated or significant tree comes with hefty fines of up to $120,000. These serious consequences extend not just to the contractor but also to the customer.

Ensure your trees stay safe by investing in regular tree trimming in Adelaide

If you want to enhance the lifespan of your trees in Adelaide, it is important to invest in regular tree trimming. Professional tree trimming helps balance a tree aesthetically but most importantly it makes the tree safer. When a tree has a heavy load it is more likely to break limbs, resulting in damage to property and potentially serious injuries to bystanders. The great thing about tree trimming is it reduces weight from the branches, which decrease the chance of limb failure. By thinning out the tree, it can also reduce wind load on the tree.

For more information about our tree removal and trimming services in Adelaide, contact our friendly team today.