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All Out Trees is the specialist in tree pruning and tree lopping in Adelaide. It is our mission to enhance the visual appeal of your trees, whilst ensuring safety and functionality. When it comes to maintaining tress, our experts utilise two different techniques. The first technique is tree pruning, where specific branches are removed to benefit the whole tree. It involves targeted removal of diseased, damaged, dead, non-productive, and structurally unsound or otherwise unwanted foliage and branches from the tree.

The second method is tree lopping, which is the indiscriminate cutting of tree removal Adelaide. In this instance, the health and beauty of structure is not necessarily taken into consideration. Generally the top of the tree is cut of or ‘lopped’ to prevent obstructions or damage. In most cases trees are lopped if they are growing too close to power lines or a home and are posing a significant risk. Another common reason is if branches are blocking out sunlight. Our professional Adelaide tree loppers can advise clients whether tree lopping is required or if tree pruning may be enough.

What are the benefits of investing in regular tree pruning in Adelaide?

Investing in tree pruning in Adelaide brings with it countless benefits. Some homeowners are mistaken when thinking tree pruning only enhances the visual appeal. In fact, tree pruning is vital to ensure the safety of you and your family. Tree pruning greatly reduces the risk of damage and injuries caused by falling branches or trees. The method encourages trees to grow with strong branch structure, which minimises the chance of limbs falling. Further benefits include better clearance for vehicles and pedestrians, improved appearance and reduced risk of whole tree failure.

The professional tree pruning techniques we utilise in Adelaide

Dead wood removal:
Dead wood is removed from the crown of the tree for safety and aesthetic purposes.

Palm tree pruning:
When pruning a palm tree, the aim is to remove dead fronds and fruit. The purpose is to minimise the risk of these items falling and causing injury. Furthermore, a build up of fronds and fruit on the ground can attract pests. The end result is a tidy tree and surrounding area.

Our professional can trim all types of hedges. Regular hedging is essential maintenance and will ensure your hedge remains aesthetically pleasing. When hedging it is our aim to trim it to the look you are after.

Fruit tree pruning:
When pruning your fruit tree we aim to remove dead or diseased wood and control the growth of the tree. While a large crop of fruit is good, too large a crop can break branches. Therefore, pruning reduces any potential damage to the tree.

Canopy lifting:
In order to lift the canopy of your tree, we remove branches from the bottom of the crown. Not only does this reduce the risk of limb failure but it also allows ample clearance for vehicles, buildings and most importantly people.

Canopy reduction:
The aim of canopy reduction is to decrease the overall canopy of the tree. This is normally performed when a tree has become too large for the area it is in. Whilst aiming to keep the general shape of the tree canopy, reduction can also minimise certain stresses on the tree.

Storm damage:
We are currently contracted to several insurance companies for storm damage situations. When hired for storm damage, we remove fallen branches and trees from driveways, sheds, pools, houses etc. Great care is always taken, as each storm damage job is different and requires a diverse approach each time.

Formative pruning:
The purpose of formative pruning is to either maintain or improve a tree’s shape before it becomes mature. It can also reduce the chance of future damage to buildings by controlling growth and promoting structural integrity through future growth.

Remedial pruning:
Remedial pruning is necessary to prune out dead, diseased and damaged branches on trees. This method is most effective in trees that are prone to trunk/branch failure caused by wind. Also for trees which have established too many branches within the crown.

If you would like to hire our pruners and tree loppers in Adelaide, simply contact All out Trees today.