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Your tree removal in Adelaide is not complete without stump removal

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Unfortunately many homeowners in Adelaide overlook the need for stump removal, despite it being a crucial aspect of complete tree removal Adelaide. Many assume because the tree is gone that there won’t be any problems. However, this is not the case at all. With the stump remaining, pesky roots can continue to grow and cause problems. A stump can also flaw the visual appeal of your outdoor area and be a tripping hazard. Furthermore, it can still entice white ants and deciduous trees can even sprout from the stump.

Our professional tree stump removal process in Adelaide

To put the finishing touches on your tree removal, allow All Out Trees to take care of your tree stump removal in Adelaide. Utilising quality stump grinders, we focus on grinding the stump ball, which reduces the likelihood of regrowth and visible surface roots. We grind all stumps down anywhere from 100 mm to 300 mm below ground level and then fill the hole with the grindings. Next, we rake or blow the surrounding area clean.

It is our aim to remove your stump with as little damage to the surrounding area as possible. When transporting the stump machine to the stump, we take the least invasive route. Whilst we do not take responsibility for damage to surfaces, if instructed on important areas, we endeavour to be as careful as possible when grinding a stump. Areas you should warn us about include irrigation, plants, nearby windows etc.

Our technicians utilise two different stump grinders, which are picked depending on the type of stump. Our  most used is self propelled and at 900 mm wide, can fit under carports/garages and through most gates. With the weight of the machine spread over four wheels, the impact to the surface being driven on is minimal to none. Our other stump grinder can fit through a standard doorway and can be easily manoeuvred up or down steps and into tight spots.

To hire our professional stump removal experts in Adelaide, contact All Out Trees today.